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Compression Recovery System

This compression therapy or dynamic pneumatic compression allows air to become pumped in different chambers and different modes starting from your toes all the way to your hips. This allows the lymphatic and cardiovascular system via the veins to pump the lactic acid from periphery to the heart to speed recovery and filter the lactic acid out of the system.

There are 5 different modes to choose from one that inflates and then deflates one after the other, each chamber would inflate and stay inflated until all four chambers, alternating of different chambers, and see all four chambers are inflated together. Each one has a specific purpose along with the ability to inflate or stay on a specific region in the legs.

There are varying degrees of pressure level 1 to 4 with four being the highest. Research shows that using dynamic pneumatic compression allows the body to reduce lactic acid, delayed onset soreness and speed recovery of the athlete. It is quite impressive that after incredible leg workout how using these boots when used 1 to 2 times a day drastically decreases the amount of soreness and recovery so that you’re able to be ready for the next workout.

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$15 for a 30 minute.


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