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BioSpeed2 $130.00

Kenosha Running Company is a proud retailer of 361° and Altra shoes. We know the importance of making sure you have ALL the gear you need on your runs, walk, hikes, or whatever you do outdoors to have fun.  Below are just a few of the pieces we love!


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The Quest TR Black is a functional training shoe for the journey through your work-out of the day and beyond… It features a breathable air mesh upper and soft internal webbing to hold your foot secure. The mono sock construction holds the foot securely during high-intensity workouts and the external heel counter locks the foot down for stability. The sole has full ground contact for a stable flat platform and provides excellent lightweight traction. In addition to all of these features, the Quest TR is powered by QU!KFOAM midsole to provide excellent cushioning and maintain a smooth comfortable workout, even if you are not running!    In-store - Men's only. 

HIIT XT 2 $110.00

Sometimes time savings on the road or trail require some time in the gym. If you need some shoes to get your “swole on” or even just to activate those pesky glutes, we have the footwear for you!

Altra’s signature wide toe box and foot-shaped last can handle everything you throw at it at the gym. The durable reinforced mesh upper is abrasion-resistant to withstand all that rubbing from ropes and scuffs from dumbbells and barbells. Balanced cushioning places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground offering a stable base for squatting, lunging, or whatever your strength routine looks like. The PowerSole™ insole technology means it is even more stable for lateral movements and lifting. The insoles are removable allowing you to tweak the shoe for different workouts – remove it for deadlift days, put it back for run WODs. Additionally, the Altra HIIT XT 2's outsole provides a glue-like grip. This is made possible by its combination of diagonal and diamond-shaped tread patterns combined with sticky rubber. This allows for stability and traction on courts during fast directional changes, and on wood during box jumps. The outsole also extends up the instep, adding grip and protection for rope climbs. Finally, and as always, the women's HIIT XT2 shoe uses Fit4Her™ technology, meaning Altra customizes every women's shoe to the unique anatomy of the female foot.  In-store - Women's only.

One Degree Beyond is about more than just shoes. It’s a rally cry familiar to all achievers. And one that resonates with human aspiration. It’s a challenge. To do more. To see more of the world. To push yourself in every aspect of life. With 361 Degrees, don’t just run farther, faster, go One Degree Beyond.

Quest TR   $124.95

products of the month

  • Footshape™ Toe BoxAltra's FootShape™ toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for maximum stability and power
  • Altra's Fit4Her™ technology caters to the specific form of the female foot, which has a narrower heel and midfoot, a higher instep, a longer arch, and unique metatarsal spacing.
  • Balanced Cushioning™ Every Altra shoe is built on a Balanced Cushioning™ platform that positions the heel and forefoot an equal distance from the ground. This natural foundation aids in optimal alignment cultivate better form and encourage a low-impact landing.

The BioSpeed2 is a low profile, lightweight training shoe designed to support the unique demands of today's strength training workouts. The upper of the BioSpeed 2 is a breathable open mesh that is extremely comfortable and form-fitting. Welded fuse overlays cover the medial and lateral sides as well as the toe box for protection and support. The Fitz-Rite midfoot has soft internal webbing to hold the foot secure and a Pressure Free Tongue designed to provide comfort and avoid irritation. There is a QU!K Spine carbon fiber plate that adds integrity to the midfoot and the sticky rubber forefoot provides lightweight traction for burpees and beyond. QU!KFOAM and the QDP System make the BioSpeed 2 “can't live without it” footwear for your time inside the gym (or box).  In-store - Women's Only