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In 2018, we started a program to express our appreciation and to honor our Military Veterans, Active Duty, Reserves, and Spouses by extending an invitation to enter our events for FREE with our gratitude.  Based on the success of this program last year, we will be continuing this program in 2019 and beyond.

Many of you have contributed to this program when you sign up for our events, and it is very much appreciated.  We were able to extend over $5,000 worth of entries and we had donations of close to $700.  In addition to continuing this program, we want to grow it! 

I am looking for those that are connected to different military groups that we can reach out to and that you can personally invite.  We are also looking for financial supporters whether individuals or companies to assist in making this program maintainable and sustainable for the long term.

If you feel moved to assist in growing the program in the ways I have referenced or in other ways, please share them... email or call 262-925-0300.